We are young.

We've just started. In the context of the universe, we have existed for about 0.00000000001 seconds. But everything begins somewhere.

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How we spend time?

Our day is packed with doing stuff that we absolutely enjoy doing. It may sound clichéd, but we are finally at that happy place where we finish the day with a smile.

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Where we exist

We started in India. Then in Singapore. But we create everywhere, limited only by bad wifi. Or lack of coffee. And we need a bed.

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Our first calling

We set out to solve a problem that we were facing every day. It was a need when we were out shopping for absolutely anything. Or nothing.

What the problem was (or still is) - when we go out and shop, there are discounts, sales, deals & promotions in almost every store. But there was and is no way for anyone to get hold of that information.

Second, you're hit with advertisements when you're doing something else - watching a movie, surfing the web, reading the comic strip in the newspaper. But how do you go back to that one ad a few hours or days after the first time you saw it. Or what if you completely missed it?

The solution to these problems, according to people we spoke to, was to have a mobile application that lists ads from all sources and displays product promotions and discounts when they go looking for it. The answer from us was "Great! Let's build it and call it DiskountMonkey."

We are doing that. Head over to DiskountMonkey to read our story in detail and see what and how we are doing.

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The page ends already?

Yeah, we aren't fans of long scrolling pages and filling them with content. By using less content, we are consuming lesser space on a hard drive somewhere that somehow leads to reduced power consumption which should help the environment. Yay! If you agree or disagree, get in touch with us.